For nearly 20 years, Hounds Town USA has offered a natural environment for dogs to be dogs. With interactive doggie daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, retail, and a pet taxi, our unique town is home to the happiest dogs on Earth. We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our business model and have a staggering year-over-year average sales increases. As a result Hounds Town is home to some of the happiest Franchise Owners on Earth.

“As a former Executive in a large franchise, I knew the strengths of the franchise model and wanted to open my own, but never really found an opportunity I fell in love with. That is until I found Hounds Town USA. It is the perfect combination of a strong industry, superior business model, and passion for dogs!”

– Colleen Tracey
Franchise Owner, Mineola NY



Are you looking for more than just financial success? Do you want to feel fulfilled in life? Want to make a difference in your community by providing superior service? There are many reasons to own a Hounds Town USA doggie daycare franchise. Here a just a few.


There are some great business models in the pet franchise space, but many of the other highly reputable concepts have an initial investment level around $750K. At Hounds Town USA, we are committed to lower investments and faster ROIs.


With several different revenue streams with 20 years of testing and development, combined with our industry-leading dog behavior training programs, we have created a business model that is highly profitable.


We believe that in many ways, time is more valuable than money. Therefore, we have built a doggie daycare franchise business model that allows our Franchise Owners the opportunity to do more of what they love.


We have spent years developing our training program, which has fully systematized our business model and allows us to quickly teach new Franchise Owners. We carefully created the business model to ensure that simplicity, alongside profitability, are priority.



Due to lower investment requirements, multiple revenue streams and high demand for doggie daycare and other pet care services, we continue to experience significant year-over-year growth. In 2018 our average unit volume was $859,005 for fully matured units with year-over-year sales growth averaging 24%. This is almost three times higher than the average growth rate of the already surging pet industry.







*for fully matured stores


Hounds Town USA is searching for passionate, professional, pet-friendly people looking to combine their joy of pets with success in business. Here are a few qualities we look for in our candidates joining our doggie daycare franchise.


May have never owned a business before, but have always had that entrepreneurial drive. Should have a knack for sales and/or management, and leading a small team of employees


Passionate about animals and serving as owner-operator or semi-absentee to provide the best experience for companion pets and their four-legged family members.


Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner, willing to think out-of-the-box, and put in the hours to create a successful business.


Excited about getting active in your community by promoting your new business, help reduce euthanization rates, educate the community, and establish dog handling protocols to make shelters and rescues and staff safer

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