We detect reselling opportunities with the government and manoeuvre individuals to grab the opportunity to get remunerated.

Be it Federal, State or even local government, we identify their needs and we shoulder your business venture to be an affluent government reseller.

We recognize legitimate business opportunities that are apt for your profile and provide sufficient training and financial assistance as well as marketing solutions to kick start your business. Our franchise experts locate business opportunities with the government and connect with the rightful vendor who is aspiring to be a reseller with the government, assisting in launching the business fruitfully. With numerous departments of government looking for necessary products, we offer any desired vendor to resell to the government by initiating a deal and negotiating for the best price. Being a full proof business opportunity, never to be struck by the recession, this franchise opportunity for reselling would be a lifetime remuneration.

  • No inventory to store

  • Minimal overhead

  • You control your income

  • No purchasing experience necessary

We detect the needs of the government to procure certain supplements and promote suitable vendors to take up such business opportunities to grow. We help you to resell to the government and become an efficacious government reseller. 

All you need to is to undergo the desired training required to upskill and then take up the intensive preparation subjected to make you eligible for the same. Once the training is successfully done, we identify the required projects and help you launch the same as well run them efficiently.

Process of becoming a government reseller

To be a government reseller all you need is a vigilant mind, a passionate dream and the apt channel. 

If you possess two other qualities, we help you manoeuvre your vision into reality. Following are the processes to be taken care of to commence your journey to become a successful government reseller.

  • Take up a one-on-one intensive training program happening at the base location specified at the time of registration.

  • Master the process of launching a business and run it successfully.

  • Discover how to identify contractors at various government branches.

  • Effective communicative skills

  • Negotiation skills to get the best prices with maximum profit.


How does wizelink international help me become a government reseller?

Our services are always ongoing, and we provide prompt assistance for every business venture you take up through us.


Email: support@wizelink.in 

Call: 267-627-4979

Location: United States


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