About us

Wizelink International is a platform for potential franchisees to find the franchises that best suits them. To do this, Wizelink’s professionals serve as expert advisors and consultants in getting your deal through. 


Wizelink International has researched and chosen a list of high potential franchise opportunities that are offered to potential franchisees. This dedicated list is industry specific – for those who are looking for the franchise in the sector or industry that most interests them.


Wizelink International works with select brands with proven business model ready for franchise to develop and establish their network countrywide. We also work with those interested in buying rights to own franchise businesses in multiple locations across the country as an investment.  

Wizelink – The Promoters

Wizelink International is led by Rene Joseph, an entrepreneur who has promoted several successful companies and business verticals on his own. He owned and operated multiple franchises and was the Franchisee of the Year of Subway in 2004. He has involved in M&A and Business Brokering through his own company – Smart Choices. He is also the founder and first CEO of Firstgent Security Systems Pvt. Ltd, a leading security systems company. An Engineering Graduate from the National Institute of Technology, India, he has over 25 years’ of experience in senior management at leading multi-national corporations including Morgan Stanley & Dresdner Bank.


  • Wizelink International serves as consultants, business brokers and advisors to individual        franchisees aspirants as well as Corporations, Investment Groups and Businesses – who wish to invest in multi-location franchises. 

  • We help franchisors sell their business to potential franchisees nation-wide and worldwide.

  • We offer consultancy for franchises to strategize growth, marketing, sales, advertising, production, business operations, improvement planning and valuation of the company/franchise.  

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